Summer School of Practical Ophthalmology in Prague

Improve your theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience from renowned clinicians and researchers.

Summer School is coming back in summer 2024!


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Summer School of Practical Ophthalmology is 4EU+ project mainly for medical students.


What can you expect from the Summer School?

Clinical seminars

Before every practical workshop, there will be a special seminar intended to provide a refresher on the necessary information and theory needed to effectively participate.

Basic Clinical Anatomy, Refraction, VA, Visual Fields and Pupil
Common Complaints in Clinic, Emergency Conditions
Ocular Mobility and Palsies
Anterior Segment
Posterior Segment - Pathology & Examination Methods


Get ready for lectures from various fields of ophthalmology delivered by top researchers, AI specialists and surgeons.

Ophthalmic Gene Therapy
AI and the Future of Ophthalmology
Subretinal Implantation of RPE
Dive into Oculoplastics
Live Commentary from the Operating Theatre

Explore our coursework.

At our summer school, you'll learn from a diverse group of experienced clinicians, including local experts and visiting faculty. We'll cover both theoretical foundations and practical skills, making the topics accessible and relevant. The curriculum is designed and curated to help you enhance your professional abilities in an approachable and engaging manner.

Refraction, VA, visual fields & pupil

Find out how to take common measurements at the clinic and use them to diagnose common pathologies.

Corneal microsurgery & cataract operation

Practice microsurgery on pig eye models under supervision of ophthalmic surgeons.

Practical imaging methods

Delve into the principles of imaging methods and their usage in disease diagnostics.

Slit Lamp

Learn the basics of slit lamp operation and use these skills during patient examinations.

Meet our speakers.

Enjoy lectures delivered by leading experts in their respective areas within ophthalmology. With their extensive knowledge, experience, and innovative contributions, the summer school promises to provide attendees with key insights into their work.

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João Pedro Marques. MD, PhD, FEBO

Ophthalmic Genetics & Retina specialist, Head of the Retinal Dystrophies Clinic at CHUC; Retinal Dystrophies Expert Committee member

Doc. MUDr. Pavel Studený, Ph.D., MHA

Head of Ophthalmology Department, Královské Vinohrady University Hospital

Dr. Med. Sophie-Christin Ernst

Ophthalmology Resident at University Hospital Basel, Research Affiliate at Technical University Berlin focussing on Value-based Healthcare and Co-Founder of Patients4Digital

Dominic Williamson

PhD student supervised by Prof. Pearse Kean, specializing in AI-based Healthcare, will discuss the Future of Ophthalmology with a focus on AI.

MUDr. Adam Kopecký, Ph.D., FEBO

Oculoplastic surgeon with interest both in reconstruction and aesthetic surgery. Fellowships and observerships in Canada, Germany, Austria and UK. Full ESOPRS member. Main facility: University Hospital Ostrava. Aside from surgical practice, he is active in research, publications and teaching.

Meet our team

MUDr. Vasil Kostin
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Harvard Ophthalmology AI Lab
‍Alma mater: Charles University
Ophthalmology enthusiast and MedTech co-founder, recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree. His focus lies in AI applications in ophthalmology, currently being an Academic Visitor at Oxford University focusing on Usher Syndrome and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University‘s Ophthalmology AI Lab. Dedicated to driving advancements in eye care through innovation and education.
Martin Horák
Medical student
Charles University
An aspiring ophthalmologist currently doing clinical rotations at Oxford. He has a strong research background, having explored ophthalmology at the Third Faculty of Medicine and sleep medicine at the National Institute of Mental Health. Additionally, Martin possesses eight years of experience as a skilled Czech-to-English translator. A dynamic individual with a passion for innovation and patient care.
MUDr. Zbyněk Straňák Ph.D.
Deputy Chief of Ophthalmology Department
Královské Vinohrady Faculty Hospital
Accomplished ophthalmology surgeon specializing in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). His pioneering research on applying RPE cells to pigs‘ subretinal space shows promise for advancing AMD treatment. Dr. Straňák also serves as a respected lector at the Institute For Postgraduate Medical Education, sharing his knowledge and passion for eye care with future ophthalmologists.


Who can participate in the Summer School?

The summer school welcomes medical students from 4EU+ Universities, primarily in their 5th or 6th year, with a keen interest in ophthalmology. However, passionate students in earlier stages of medical education are also encouraged to join and expand their practical skills in the field.

Is there an attendance fee?

No, the summer school is free of charge. However, travel and accommodation expenses are not covered. Students are advised to inquire about scholarships available at their university/faculty to support attendance at similar events.

Are there accommodation options available?

We have partnered with institutions offering affordable accommodation options for attendees. If you require assistance in finding suitable accommodation, please let us know. Alternatively, and provide additional options at reasonable prices.

Will refreshments and food be provided at the Summer School?

Certainly! During the summer school, participants will have access to drinks, snacks, and a provided lunch. Additionally, food will be available at the concluding ceremony.
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